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Mamselville is a nice town where live ordinary people. Or, wait, they’re not quite ordinary! Each of them is a separate character with their worries and joys. Maybe you’ve seen them in your neighborhood, or you look like one of them yourself. Hmm, each of them has such a unique personality. Do you hear that? Miss Paris is calling for her pet, but Grandpa Gie doesn’t like dogs, and he grumbles until the flowers in the flowerbed are sick. Mr. Marcel is lamenting because he doesn’t know how to give flowers to Mamsel Edith, Mr. Michael is admiring himself in the mirror as usual, and little Pierre is tirelessly fixing up his house. It’s such a small town and so much noise around! How do they all get along in the neighborhood?

SIZE 20 x 23 cm

COVER hardcover

WRITTEN BY Christophe Jamard


AGE 4-8 years

ILLUSTRATED BY Sofia Tomilenko

ISBN 9782487266018

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