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An essential book for self-regulation and inner peace

This book is a collection of therapeutic stories that are read to children before bedtime, similar to meditation. In these warm stories, nature gently embraces and lulls the child. The sun’s rays, the scent of flowers, and the breeze of the wind fill the child with inner peace, and the child feels harmony with the world and themselves. Children learn to be aware of their feelings, meditate, contemplate the world, and learn the basics of self-regulation: calming breathing, grounding, bodily relaxation, and loving-kindness. The child learns to focus on their feelings in the moment, to feel support and calm. These are some of the most important skills that need to be developed from early childhood to walk consciously through life and to feel balance and unity with oneself and the world.

SIZE 19 x 23 cm

COVER hardcover

WRITTEN BY Antonina Oksanich


AGE 3-6 years

ILLUSTRATED BY Anastasiia Temborska


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